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Senior Software Engineer
London, United Kingdom

Job Title

Senior Software Engineer

Job Description

As a Senior Software Engineer you will work within the Integrated Marketing Group and more specifically the R&D team. Our team is small and rapidly expanding since we are responsible for the development of our next generation data products and Big Data platforms.

Some of the key characteristics of this team are:

  • We help our clients by focusing on their specific problems and how to solve them
  • We embrace new technologies, especially open source and we constantly monitor and update what we do with state of the art systems and software
  • We always encourage everyone to come up with new and innovative ideas
  • We believe that our people are our greatest asset and help everyone to advance their skillsets

You will work with cutting edge containerised environments utilising primarily Kubernetes and other container orchestrators on the cloud and on premise. You will work with Python initially but also be able to learn and adapt quickly to other languages such as Go. We are developing platforms that require a polyglot approach and expect everyone that joins our team to be able to pick up new languages quickly. Our focus is real time systems and more specifically real time search and a lot of our development requires scalable code that needs to be concurrent.

We are using machine learning libraries, porting in-house statistical modelling engines to Python, working extensively with Elasticsearch and a number of open source tools such as Apache Kafka and Spark. We are developing our next generation products following a Microservices architecture and event based communication dealing with a lot of data.


  • No telecommuting
  • Agencies are OK


What we are looking for:

  • Exemplary software engineering practices and skills
  • Solid foundations in data structures and algorithms
  • Solid understanding of data and databases
  • Solid understanding of Python, competency with standard libraries and ability to move rapidly from one project to another
  • Good understanding of the web and REST APIs
  • Basic knowledge of AWS or other cloud providers
  • Excellent team collaboration skills
  • You want to spend most of your day writing code

About the Company

Here at CACI we are leading specialists in providing Integrated Marketing, Location Planning Consultancy, Network Services and Technology Solutions.

Our belief in people drives everything we do. By attracting and developing the most talented specialists in their fields, we are able to design and deliver innovative and practical IT solutions that deliver tangible benefit.

Contact Info

Previous Developer, CLK in Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay Next Freelance Python Developer (Poland), SlashDB in Warsaw, Poland