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Python Developer
Private Citizen
Ancona, Marche, Italy

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Python Developer

Job Description

Hi, my name is Daniele from Italy.

I'm a stenographer and I use a steno keyboard to type text into a Word Processor (Microsoft Word).

In a standar QWERTY keyboard, each stroke is one letter. While in a steno keyboard each stroke is a chord, it means you pressed multiple keys at the same time, and the output on the screen is one or more syllable.

To convert combinations of keys (chord) into words/syllables, I use an application called Plover.

It is a free open-source application developed in Python.

It works thanks to a text dictionary (.json) format. Syntax is quite simple:

"Ch*a": "comunità",

On the left there is the combinations to press on the steno keyboard, in this case 4 keys: "C", "h", "*" and "a". On the right the corresponding output on the screen. Multistroke entries also are possible, separated by a "/":

"RO/PEa": "europea",

In the first stroke I press two keys "R" and "O", and in the second stroke I press three keys "P", "E" and "a". The output on the screen will be "europea".

Longer combinations have priority on shorter one:

"Ch*a": "comunità", "RO/PEa": "europea", "Ch*a/RO/PEa": "Comunità Europea",

If I type separately strokes "Ch*a" and "RO/PEa" into a sentence, the output is lower case.

But if I type one next the other, the meaning is different, so the output should be Upper Case.

This is what happens if I type "Ch*a/RO/PEa":

  1. once pressed "Ch*a" the output is "comunità".
  2. once pressed "RO" the output is "comunità ro".
  3. once pressed "PEa", the flashing cursor comes back and delete "comunità ro", and replaces with "Comunità Europea", because longer stroke entries have higher priority.

For blind people this kind of event (delete and replace text) is uncomfortable because the screen reader voice is not smooth and fluent, it is confusing and not easy to understand what you're typing and if you make mistake or not.

I'm trying to make this job accessible, and this is one of the issue I need to solve.

Plover application allows to create some add-on (plugin). I'm looking for somebody who can help me to develop this add-on to overcame the problem above.

Basically should be added a sort of "Delay" for the output. In this way on the screen appears directly the final output, and the event of "delete/replace" is hidden to the screen reader.

Thank you so much for your attention.


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


Python scripting knowledge

About the Company

I'm a private citizen. I need this feature for myself and for other visually impaired people.

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