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Python Backend Developer @ SpaceKnow (Prague)
Spaceknow Inc.
Prague, Czechia

Job Title

Python Backend Developer @ SpaceKnow (Prague)

Job Description

  • work with passionate Pythonistas,
  • you will build systems like no one has ever built before,
  • design and implement new features, APIs and microservices,
  • work on scalability, security and stability of our platform,
  • do extreme programming, code review, test driven development,
  • use Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Redis, Docker, CI, etc.


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


  • you want to jump into something cool,
  • have SW development related skills / talent,
  • know Python, Java, C#, C++ or similar,
  • speak fluent English,
  • are willing to work in a start-up.

About the Company

If you want to join a team of passionate Pythonistas and build systems like no one has ever done before, then SpaceKnow is the right place to start. We are looking for talented people rather than having specific requirements - know Java, C#, C++ or similar and want to jump into something cooler? Keep reading...

Who we are?

Founded in 2013, Spaceknow is a Silicon Valley startup with offices in both San Francisco and Prague. As a data analytics company, working with commercial satellite data, Spaceknow strives to bring transparency to the global economy by monitoring trends and changes on the planet.

What we do?

At Spaceknow, we are currently building satellite imagery analytics as a service platform. Imagine you store detailed imagery of the whole continents, then efficiently run algorithms on them in a highly-distributed and reliable way, while aggregating the results into a few key metrics.

How we do it?

All backend systems are accessible via RESTful APIs, hosted on Google Cloud Platform and written in Python.

We utilize technologies such as: Kubernetes, Google App Engine, Google Cloud DataStore, RabbitMQ, Docker, MongoDB, Redis, CI, etc.

Our development process is test driven. We do code review on all changes or pair programming. We are building a continuous deployment ecosystem and have very agile/lean attitude. Every good idea is considered because we believe that meritocracy is the best way to lead skilled people.

Our future challenges lien design and development of microservices, which together bring a possibility to analyze large volumes of satellite imagery data for our customers. Our daily bread is designing APIs, and improving scalability, security and stability of the platform.

Joining Spaceknow, you will join a young team of talented and highly motivated people who strive to make an impact on the world but also have fun along the way. Do not hesitate to send links of your contributions to FOSS projects or of any other relevant work.

Feel free to try our demo:

Contact Info

Previous Senior Backend Python/Django Developer/Chinese CTO SPEAKS ENGLISH/CHINESE, in Xiamen, China Next Wissenschaftl. Mitarbeiter (w/m) | Software-Entwickler (Python), OFFIS e. V. in 26121 Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, Deutschland