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Back End Engineer (Python) New
Redwood City, CA, USA

Job Title

Back End Engineer (Python)

Job Description

Are you a talented backend engineer looking for your next big challenge? Do you love solving complex problems and writing efficient algorithms? Are you passionate about utilizing and understanding big data? Interana has developed the world's leading behavioral analytics software, used by customers like Microsoft, Comcast, Tinder, and Reddit, but the best is yet to come and you could be a part of it!


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


  • Strong hands-on experience with Python
  • Comfortable writing highly concurrent systems
  • Experience working with system performance and resource optimization strategies
  • Strong test-writing skills and commitment to high-quality software development

About the Company

Interana is a custom-built behavioral analytics solution that allows users to do ad-hoc exploration and get answers in seconds. We were founded in 2013 by a team of executives from Facebook and Intel, with the mission of making data a part of everyone’s day. We started by building a new kind of database from the ground up that is optimized to work with timestamped event data (timestamp, actor and action) and then added high performance primitives for asking behavioral questions. We expanded that into a full stack solution with an elegant UI to make it accessible to everyone. We now have customers who use our software to store trillions of rows of data, and to process hundreds of millions of rows per second, per core. We are building the most intuitive, elegant query engine for on-the-fly behavioral analytics, and we are looking for strong software engineers to join our team.

Contact Info

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