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Senior Software Engineer
San Francisco, California, USA

Job Title

Senior Software Engineer

Job Description

We have a long list of interesting infrastructure problems that are core to our product. Here are just a few of the technical challenges we face:

Creating huge data infrastructure:

In order to train great models, our models need as much data as possible. We effectively want to build infrastructure to store every bit of textual data from every site (github, stack overflow, quora, twitter, etc) - including how it changes over time

Designing scalable compute infrastructure:

Because we're constantly updating our models and learning more about people, we need a way to quickly run a model against 10M+ profiles. We're using AWS Lambda to quickly spin up thousands of CPUs to allow nearly instantaneous application of complex models to all of our data Requirements


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


Knows how to hack things together quickly, how to build elegant, clean code, and the wisdom to choose between those approaches.

Either experience mentoring junior engineers or experience architecting systems from scratch Appreciates our values—empathetic, thoughtful, and impact-driven

Our stack: Python, AWS, Lambda, PostgreSQL, React

About the Company

Sourceress is an AI recruiter that is reinventing how people find jobs. With tailor-made machine learning models, we rigorously define what a company is looking for in a role, identify great candidates, and engage candidates with highly personalized introductions.

We grew revenue 10x over 3 months during Y Combinator and are expanding to markets across the United States. We recently raised $3M from Lightspeed Venture Partners and OpenAI researchers. Our customers include big-name startups like Square, Cruise Automation, and PlanGrid.

We’re still a small team of 9, and we’re looking to grow our team with thoughtful, impact-driven people. We’re from MIT, Northwestern, and Duke, and previously worked at Google, Dropbox, Addepar, and McKinsey.

Help us create a world where all 7 billion people work at jobs that they love, do things that they’re great at, and work for companies that are solving meaningful problems.

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