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Full Stack Engineer
Chicago, Illinois, United States

Job Title

Full Stack Engineer

Job Description

We're seeking a senior or intermediate full stack engineer responsible for helping us develop new, exciting features in the Hologram Cloud and REST API.

The ideal candidate will work with the rest of the Hologram team to code new features in the Hologram Cloud and REST API and help us to scale up our infrastructure to make sure that our services remain fast and reliable as our user base grows.

On a typical day, the candidate will work with our product and engineering leads to prioritize tasks and then code new features or bug fixes in Python and PHP.

This position will also be responsible for helping to document new features and improve existing documentation where necessary.


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • No Agencies Please


What we're looking for:

*1+ years experience in software development and engineering

*B.S. in computer engineering, software engineering, computer science, or equivalent

*Proficient in Python

*Proficient in PHP

*Proficient in SQL, and working with a MySQL and Postgres database

Will work in the following workplace environment:

*Development sprints

*Squads/chapters/projects (

About the Company

We are a team of insanely ambitious makers, engineers, operators, and general troublemakers. Our mission is to build the platform creating connected products, including hardware (the Hologram Dash and SIM cards), connecting to the Hologram cellular network, and web applications for managing devices and data. We are venture backed and growing fast to support our expanding customer base.

We run a global operation and our headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois.

At Hologram, we believe in you and your immediate squad members to know what's best for our platform and we enable you to make immediate, customer-impacting decisions. You can see this in how we develop products and processes: Hologram pushes decision-making out to the edges of the organization to reduce management overhead and increase speed to market.

We also have a flexible work from home policy (i.e. you make your own). This means you can decide to work from home whenever you want and only coordinate face-to-face with your teammates when you need to. Some team members work from home full time.

Hologram promotes tight knit teams by officially supporting events that allow you to get to know your teammates in a relaxed environment. We periodically host events to take a pause from work, hang out, learn more about the other aspects of the business, and most importantly learn about each other.

Contact Info

Previous Python/Django Developer, Veneficus in Rotterdam, Zuid Nederland, The Netherlands Next Senior Software Engineer , Pole Star Space Applications Ltd in London, London, United Kingdom