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Software Engineer / DevOps
Dorsia Investment Group LLC
Remote, Remote, United States

Job Title

Software Engineer / DevOps

Job Description

We’re a small investment firm in New York, run by two quants. Even though we’ve been trading stocks successfully since 2012, we have never hired anybody to help – we have done all the strategy, trading, and technology ourselves. Our focus is on the investment strategy, but we are good coders and have built a solid infrastructure for a two-man operation.

Now it’s time to take off, and we’re hiring a small team to expand the business.

Here’s where you come in—

We need a top notch tech guru to handle the entire tech infrastructure of our firm as we expand. Think of it as a one-man CTO type role – you will report directly to the founders. You’d have a wide range of skills (enterprise IT admin, app dev) and be managing everything infrastructure-related from top to bottom – from finding the right enterprise solutions as we expand, to extending our Python quantitative backend, to managing databases, networks and permissions. At least initially, you will be the only person on our team focused on tech full-time (i.e. not a managerial role).

Our culture is casual with a start-up feel. We care deeply about efficiency and robust tech, but not how you choose to manage your schedule. We care about our lifestyles but don’t want to dictate yours. You’ll be working remotely but will have constant access to the founders, who will give you feedback and growth.

Some examples of projects you might do:

  • Manage permissions and active directory, set up a VPN or figure out a virtual desktop solution if required.
  • Create a desktop/web app with integrated views on the firm’s P&L and risk.
  • Maintain database of tick data received from third-party vendors and write high-performance accessor functions in Python.
  • Integrate an on-demand market data service, e.g. Factset, into our Python environment with high-performance queries or batching API calls with intelligent caching.
  • Create a lightweight alert system for Windows to warn us of upcoming earnings and other time-critical events.
  • Create a system that integrates real-time positions from our brokers into Python and Excel.
  • Create automated trade reports to send to a middle-office team.


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • No Agencies Please


Ideal candidate would have:

  • Top notch coding skills. You will need to be able write robust, clean code with a focus on extensibility and performance. We use Python throughout, but as tech lead you might decide e.g. Java/C++ is more suitable for a particular solution for performance.
  • Experience with hedge fund infrastructure (position tracking, broker data, market data, etc.) a big plus. Experience developing trading strategies not required.
  • Experience with managing databases and writing highly efficient queries..
  • Experience with configuring and permissioning enterprise IT for a growing organization.
  • Experience with integration of back-end infrastructure with Excel is a plus. Currently we use PyXLL, a cool system that integrates a Python backend with Excel.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work remotely and manage your own schedule.
  • Creativity and being highly proactive in your solutions, passionate about tech and coding, and staying well-informed of cool new solutions for tech problems.

About the Company

We are a small quantitative investment firm focused on trading equities globally. The firm consists of two partners, and since 2012 when we co-founded the firm together in New York we have been building all the technology that supports our analysis and automation ourselves.

Contact Info

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