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Backend Engineer
San Francisco, United States

Job Title

Backend Engineer

Job Description

As an early-stage company, we have many projects and tasks that you can take on, depending on your preferred area of focus. Broadly, we offer the following areas of work:

  • Writing REST APIs on the back-end, and consuming them on the front-end.
  • Writing tools to collect vulnerability data on websites. This can range from scraping their JavaScript libraries to automated penetration testing.
  • Writing back-end integrations with third-party services to aggregate data, process payments, send e-mails, sign documents, etc.
  • Systems and data engineering: due to the large amounts of data we collect, speed and efficiency are perpetual concerns for our multi-worker architecture.

This is a generalist’s role, though it is possible to focus on an area of your interest. You will join our 4-person engineering team and work closely with our product design team. As such, this role comes with a significant amount of autonomy and responsibility. You should enjoy the challenge of building large, scalable infrastructural components from the ground up.


  • No telecommuting
  • Agencies are OK


We don’t expect you to be an expert in our entire stack, but we expect general familiarity with:

  • Python and one or more of its web server frameworks (e.g. Flask, Django, Twisted)
  • SQL, Python ORMs (e.g. SQLAlchemy, Django) and relational data modelling
  • Testing frameworks and best practices
  • Git and agile workflows


  • Familiarity with our specific stack (Ubuntu, Postgres, Python 3.6, SQLAlchemy, Flask, Twisted, React)
  • Experience with deployment automation and scalable infrastructure, especially AWS, Travis and Sentry
  • Understanding of HTTP / REST security concepts, including common vulnerabilities
  • Solid technical skills in both information security architecture and penetration testing

About the Company

Coalition is working to solve cyber risk. Perfect security is impossible, so businesses need a mechanism to stay resilient against a growing number of cyber threats. We are a small, well-funded team of security experts, insurance professionals, and intelligence community veterans building a better cyber insurance product. Coalition is automating risk assessment to remove obstacles to purchasing the right insurance against this peril. We are also constantly monitoring and educating our customers about different threats and how to mitigate them. And, for the unavoidable incidents, we’re helping our customers bounce back with a superior claims process.

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