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Software Engineer - Python
CSC Generation
San Francisco, CA, United States

Job Title

Software Engineer - Python

Job Description

Why can you lease a car, but not a MacBook? Over half of Americans do not have access to fair and inexpensive credit offerings. We want to change that.

CSC Generation is creating a world where you can lease any product with residual value.

Your Responsibilities:

*Working directly with our CTO to build a sophisticated underwriting engine using innovative data sources and machine learning, which approves as many good customers for leases as we can, and rejects fraudsters.

*Blowing through technical debt of companies we acquire by eliminating unnecessary systems, etc...

*Recruiting other 10x engineers. There are only so many productive hours in the day - building a badass team is critical to our success.


  • No telecommuting
  • Agencies are OK


*A full-stack engineer with 2+ years of production experience with a strong foundation in Computer Science. BS in CS or EE preferred, but is obviously not necessary if your Github and Open Source contributions speak for themselves.

*Python/Django and JavaScript/Angular experience preferred.

*Extremely detail-oriented.

*A fast learner. We are a start-up and do not have the training infrastructure of larger organizations.

*Has an appreciation for performance tradeoffs and technical debt.

*Has zero tolerance for assholes or politics. Candidates who negatively impact our culture are let go, even if it doesn’t make financial sense to do so.

*Values work ethic, intellectual curiosity, and dedication.

*Open to travel - we have offices in SF, LA, SLC, Austin, and Chicago (Chicago office is an hour away from the city but we hope to be moving closer soon)

About the Company

By the time Justin Yoshimura turned 25, he was a veteran in the startup world: guiding three companies from start to acquisition and many more as an advisor, mentor and board member. Nevertheless, he had yet to achieve his original dream of building a publicly held Fortune 500 Company, so he founded CSC Generation.

We are looking for people who are interested in joining us on what is likely to be a very long and difficult journey: building the next Liberty Interactive/IACI/Berkshire Hathaway is going to take decades. If your resume shows that you've "moved" every 18 months, it is unlikely that you are a fit.

Contact Info

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