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Python / full-stack Developer
Whitespace Ventures
London, United Kingdom

Job Title

Python / full-stack Developer

Job Description

We're looking for full stack devs who want to work in a small developer team (currently 4!). We’re looking for core members of the team who want to work on a wide range of projects (we’ve built everything from stock exchange algos to mobile backend solutions) that you find interesting; our current projects are in the edtech, medtech and fintech space. We’re looking for people who are proactive and able to work with initiative and independence.


  • No telecommuting
  • Agencies are OK


Devs should be comfortable with a few of these technologies: Python Framework -> Flask - Blueprints + Jinja2 + WTForms Database -> PostgreSQL and MongoDB Front End UI -> Bootstrap + React.js + Ajax Websockets / Docker Our work flow follows a SCRUM methodology and using Trello, Slack and GitHub.

About the Company

Whitespace Ventures started as a VC firm, investing in early stage startups and helping them grow. The core Whitespace team are all developers and were able to help investee companies scale out their products. We got so good at building out software that we started getting approached by established corporates and are having to turn down work. We are now looking to build out our internal dev team to build out various products and work with some larger corporate clients while staying true to helping early stage companies build out their products.

One of our key products is myOS, an appstore for the web. With apps, companies can perform a range of functions from incorporating a company to completing an IPO. What makes this project cool is that we’re designing a simple tool system that allows tools to be built by anyone, including non- technical people. Though enterprise focus is our start, we want to roll it out to general consumers in the long-run.

Contact Info

Previous Software Product Engineer, Rook Security in Carmel, Indiana, United States Next Director of Engineering, ActivePrime, Inc. in Mountain View, CA, United States