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Junior Python Developer
WhiteMoon Dreams, Inc.
South Pasadena, California, United States

Job Title

Junior Python Developer

Job Description

WhiteMoon Dreams is currently seeking a highly skilled Junior-Mid level Python Developer to work on some cool console games. The backend of these projects are used both internally and by external clients, so attention to detail, good code quality and strong ability to work in a team with deadlines are required. *THIS IS AN ONSITE POSITION*


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


Primary Responsibilities

  • Python development for both client and internal projects
  • Designing, developing and deploying web services
  • Meeting deadlines and proper goal setting
  • Input into scheduling and resource needs for the project
  • Attend estimating and bidding meetings as needed
  • Work both as a team member and leader, depending on the project


  • Python Junior to Mid level experience
  • Experience with frameworks such as Django, Flask, and Tornado
  • Experience with Postgres, MySQL, No-SQL DBs and Message Queue systems
  • Experience with writing deployment automation scripting
  • Experience with Object Oriented Programming and appropriate Design Patterns
  • Scrum and Waterfall workflow knowledge
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Strong ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously and under deadlines
  • Positive attitude and open, respectful communication
  • Ability to work autonomously as well as in a team
  • An eagerness to learn and overcome challenges


  • Bachelor's Degree or better
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS, etc.)
  • PHP Development experience
  • Unreal engine experience
  • C/C++ Development skills
  • Experience working in a non-disclosure environment
  • Unity engine experience

About the Company

WhiteMoon Dreams is an independent digital entertainment studio located in beautiful South Pasadena, CA. We are fortunate to have on our team many industry veterans with decades of insight and experience between them. Our pedigree includes key players from groundbreaking titles such as Fallout, Descent, Ratchet and Clank, Medal of Honor and many others. We are also proud to be home to some of the brightest and most promising developers (both young and old) in the industry! Our company is strongly rooted in video game history while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of bleeding-edge technology and design. We are united in our shared passion for creating amazing, beautiful, unique, forward-thinking games.

WhiteMoon Dreams was founded on the belief that video game development should be a holistic experience. We believe in transparency and collaboration, both within our company and in our interactions with our community (without whom, none of this would be possible)! We encourage our employees to always be learning and to never stop exploring. WhiteMoon Dreams was built on a strong philosophy that happy people make the best workers, and strive to never lose sight of our integrity.

Remember how it usually took all the colors of a crayon box to envision whatever ridiculousness your head came up with? It similarly takes all the people of WhiteMoon Dreams to envision the amazing worlds we create. Regardless of where we come from, we all share a common vision: creating games that we would enjoy just as much as the gamers who play them. We are gamers who make games, and we strive to employ holistic development while going all out on making the most badass games we can. WhiteMoon Dreams last released the slagfest, Warmachine: Tactics in 2013, and now, we’ve taken to the stars! We recently announced at the PlayStation® Experience 2016, Starblood Arena! A First-Person Arena Shooter for the PlayStation® VR! Starblood Arena officially launched on April 11, 2017!

We seek to be innovators, both in business as well as technology and believe if something is not a challenge it is not worth doing at all.

Contact Info

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