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Mid-Level / Senior Python Developer
London, London, United Kingdom

Job Title

Mid-Level / Senior Python Developer

Job Description

We at Sohonet are looking for a Python Developer to come help us build & support cutting-edge, on-demand, highly secure cloud products for the movie industry, counting Warner Bros, NBC Universal, Fox, Dreamworks, Sony among our clients.

If you've seen the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Transformers, Star Wars: Rogue One, or Fantastic Beasts; you'll have seen our work helping the finest CGI companies collaborate in addition to many other blockbuster hits.


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


● Participate in an agile product team building, delivering and operating our software services portfolio.

● You will help design, build, and operate a multi-tiered system, demonstrating and encouraging best-practises while being always focussed on delivering the most value to our customers.

● Provide innovative tools to the media industry using the most appropriate technology for the task. Today we're using Python (Django, Nameko, Flask), WebRTC, and Openstack Swift along with modern JavaScript libraries for the browser side. [who knows what we’ll need next?]

● Understand how to architect a system and why you should use one architecture type over another - Monolithic, Micro-Services, FAAS (Lambda/Serverless).

● Keep on top of the latest technologies, understand them well and help your team use them to solve the new and interesting challenges our customers face.

● Master difficult engineering challenges like the real-time interactivity and massive data transfer requirements that are peculiar to the media industry.

● Maintain high standards whilst working in a demanding environment where your customer's requirements include short production times, tight deadlines and large data volumes.

● Ensure the products we build are measured so that we can know exactly how our customers are using our products and what makes them a success.

About the Company

Sohonet is the global expert in connectivity and data management services focusing exclusively on the media and entertainment industry. With over 20 years’ experience, Sohonet offers an extensive range of solutions backed up by unrivaled technical support to enable clients to manage and transfer valuable and critical content quickly, securely and effectively.

Currently based in London, Los Angeles and Sydney and has points of presence in over 20 cities across the world.

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