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Full stack python developer @ funded startup
Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium

Job Title

Full stack python developer @ funded startup

Job Description

We're looking for someone to join our team (which is python based) to work on a.o.:

Server architecture

  • Set up a dynamic server architecture that allows to spin up VM's/docker instances for individual calculations, migrate results to the database, vary specs (CPU/RAM) in function of the calculation. On those instances, our python-based calculation scripts (using open source software OpenFOAM) will be run (which typically takes 24 hours), including python-based post-processing scripts.
  • Set up the network of front-end server, data server, temporary calculation servers etc and connect them via API's (for internal communcation as well as plugin development later on).
  • Set up data compression, database, encryption & authentication.
  • Set up live monitoring of calculation progress, to be displayed towards the user (optional topic).


  • Depending on your experience, build an interactive interface to view the results of the calculation, using the API's you wrote and 3D plugins (see lower). Preferred framework is Django.
  • Interact with UX/UI development contractors to create a visually stunning online experience. You'll take the lead in coordinating those works.

3D model

  • Analyse incoming 3D models using Blender (through python scripting supported by Blender).
  • Post-process calculation results using paraview (in tandem with our aero expert) through the python interface.
  • Compress exported 3D models using techniques like decimation
  • Visualise results online by applying WebGL technology (e.g. Three.JS, blender for web, ...)

Plugin development

Integrate AirShaper, through the API's, in 3D CAD packages (Solidworks, OnShape, Creo, ...)

Link your brain

Think like an entrepreneur: what does the user want, how can we tune our business model, which markets can we address, ...

Go wild!

Do you have crazy ideas? Can you back them up with sound arguments? Bring it on!

Way of working

We're a small team (the founder, the aerodynamics team and you, plus contractors where necessary), so what you do will have a huge impact on our company. Hours are flexible and fun will balance the cool and hard work.

Salary Although we are a startup, we aim to provide a fair salary, with additional benefits like hospital insurance, meal cheques and a pension plan / life insurance.


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


  • European passport
  • Willing to relocate and work locally at our office for a long time.
  • 3-5 years of experience in setting up back-ends
  • 2-5 years of experience in building responsive websites (React or Angular are a plus)
  • Eager to learn: willing to dig into new stuff to get everything working
  • Interest to work in open-minded, small team using open source software
  • Interest in science & physics
  • At least interest in and preferrably experience with 3D visualization & 3D model manipulation

About the Company

AirShaper is a startup based in Antwerp, Belgium. We are developing an online platform where designers & engineers can upload their digital 3D model and have the aerodynamics (airstream, wind forces, ...) calculated. Afterwards, results can be analysed in either the browser of their own CAD package via plugin's.

We're both government and privatly funded, meaning we can provide job certainty for a longer period of time. We're located in a startup incubator, so you'll be surrounded by motivated techies & entrepreneurs!

Contact Info

Previous Software Engineer, Holaluz in Barcelona, Spain Next Junior Python Developer with CCNA, Robert Half Technology in Durham, North Carolina, USA