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experienced_python_developer = lambda: "delivering excellence"
noriba GmbH
Munich, Germany

Job Title

experienced_python_developer = lambda: "delivering excellence"

Job Description

We have a challenging tasks, keeping you far away from even thinking to get bored. You learn new things every day and will use advanced programming techniques on daily basis.

What is is about? The position is dedicated to development and maintenance of Python based Automated Regression System in LTE protocol stack development environment. Target system coordinates the efficient testing and usage of multi-RAT protocol tester platforms and LTE mobile terminal prototypes.

  • For existing Automated regression Environment a code development in Python targeting:
  • in-depth standard libraries and interpreter features
  • general file system tasks under Windows and Linux OS
  • general algorithmic and arithmetic operations on various data inputs and outputs
  • threading and multiprocessing tasks
  • wxPython GUI development
  • SOAP: ZSI and SUDS libraries for remote control of R&S proprietary tools
  • socket based communication for interacting with other SW components in the system
  • C/C++ embedding of external modules for execution time and security purposes
  • Ensuring the completeness and validity of non functional features of the Automation, such:
  • extendable for various task which are not well know yet, like daily build or single run developer tests
  • robustness of system is a priority
  • scalability of tests – test sets
  • stability and recovery of the system to be able to run independently for days without user interaction
  • easy portability
  • GUI interface for single/multiple scenario runs with action feedback
  • Bringing into operation, discovering capabilities and automation of UE prototypes
  • General equipment support and troubleshooting (e.g. installation, software update, automation of DUT and test equipment, logging tools, monitoring tools, ...)
  • Support tasks for protocol stack developers and testers, such test case development, driving the test campaign, etc.


  • No telecommuting
  • Agencies are OK


  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in Python development
  • Excellent knowledge of Python interpreter, standard libraries and programming techniques
  • Very good experience in GUI development in wxPython
  • Good experience with VISA interface (TCPIP, SOCKET, ASRL) and SOAP interface
  • Good hands-on experience working with mobile radio communications testers and UEs for data plane verification and signaling protocol testing
  • Knowledge of LTE E2E application testing/troubleshooting and know-how of 3GPP LTE
  • Knowledge of RF aspects of measurement devices like fading simulator, spectrum analyzer and signal generator

About the Company

noriba GmbH is a software development company, a service provider for design, implemention, integration and testing.

Noriba is a software development company with focus on telecommunications and automotive. We do not only sell our software, we adapt it to the needs of our customers, in order to provide a perfectly adjusted and customized solution.

Contact Info

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