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PEP 3099 -- Things that will Not Change in Python 3000

Title:Things that will Not Change in Python 3000
Author:Georg Brandl <georg at>


Some ideas are just bad. While some thoughts on Python evolution are constructive, some go against the basic tenets of Python so egregiously that it would be like asking someone to run in a circle: it gets you nowhere, even for Python 3000, where extraordinary proposals are allowed. This PEP tries to list all BDFL pronouncements on Python 3000 that refer to changes that will not happen and new features that will not be introduced, sorted by topics, along with a short explanation or a reference to the relevant thread on the python-3000 mailing list.

If you think you should suggest any of the listed ideas it would be better to just step away from the computer, go outside, and enjoy yourself. Being active outdoors by napping in a nice patch of grass is more productive than bringing up a beating-a-dead-horse idea and having people tell you how dead the idea is. Consider yourself warned.

Core language


Standard types

Coding style

Interactive Interpreter